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Maintaining Your Free Chlorine Levels


Maintaining the free chlorine levels in your pool is one of the biggest challenges for the do it yourself home owner.    Chlorine by nature is very unstable, so when any of your pool chemistry is out of line it makes it even more difficult to maintain your free chlorine levels of 2-3ppm. If your pH swings too high or too low or if you have phosphates it can cause the chlorine to be even more unstable rendering it ineffective or cause it to oxidize off too quick leaving you with zero chlorine in your pool. If you lose all your chlorine, you will need to shock your water to get your chlorine levels back up, just like on start up before you let your Saltron Retro take back over.   If you do not shock your pool and you wait for the chlorine generator to build your free chlorine residual it could take 2 weeks to 4 weeks to get your free chlorine back to the recommended levels of 2-3ppm.  The reason you have to shock your water first is to clear out all contaminates in the water to allow for the chlorine to build up a residual of free chlorine in the water.  If you don’t shock, all the chlorine that is produced by the Saltron Retro will start combining with contaminates in the water and oxidizing off. Before you can start building a residual of free chlorine all contaminates need to be eliminated.  

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