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Harmony Modes


This system allows you to run the Harmony robot 3 different modes.  Combination mode: cleaning the pool and producing chlorine. Chlorinating mode: produces chlorine only. Cleaning mode: cleans the pool for 1 complete cleaning cycle.

The Harmony unit uses a compact electrolytic cell to produce chlorine from salt. The salt is added into the pool in advance by the pool owner. The chlorination process occurs as pool water passes between a series of titanium plates which makes up the cell. These plates pass low current between them causing an electro-chemical reaction leading to the production of chlorine.  

The Harmony robot will begin sanitizing once the power supply is plugged in. The Harmony robot will automatically clean the pool intermittently throughout the sanitizing cycle. This allows the proper sanitizer distribution and thorough cleaning throughout the day. 

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    william portie

    With in the first year this unit stopped producing chlorine.
    where can I get parts?

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