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Troubleshooting the Saltron Mini Salt Chlorine Generator


The Saltron Mini comes with a one year warranty, to file a claim must go to Once the application is submitted, it will email you the RMA claim number and the address to send back for testing. Here are some steps to troubleshoot the Mini.

No Display / No LED lights

1) Power outage; make sure there is power to the unit.
2) Check the connections to make sure it is connected right.
3) Power supply failure and will need to replace the power supply.

“- -“ / No LED lights

The system is in rest mode; no action needed. If you want it to operate immediately, unplug and re-plug the power or adjust the timer. Both will start the operation right away.

 “- - “& hours alternating / No LED lights

1) Chlorinator cell is outside water; put it back in the water.
2) Open circuit in chlorinator cell; check the wire connections and make sure there are no cuts or broken wires. If so will need to replace the part with the broken wire.
3) Check for a crack or damage to the cell and if any damage will need to replace the cell.
4) Make sure the cell does not need to be cleaned. To clean the cell, need to soak the cell in one part muriatic acid to 4 parts water for 5 to 10 minutes.
5) The salt level is too low and to adjust salt level to 2000 to 3000ppm.

 “LO” & hours alternating / Yellow LED light

1) The salt level is too low and to adjust salt level to 2000 to 3000ppm.
2) Water temperature low; don’t use the Mini if the water temperature is under 65°F (or15°C)
3) Chlorinator cell at its life end and need to replace the cell.

Hours & Green LED light

It means normal operation mode; no action required.

“HI” & hours alternating / Red LED light

1) Salt level high. No action is needed. Stop adding salt to the water if you are doing so.
2) If using Dead Sea Salt, the extra minerals can cause a high salt level reading. Best salt to use is straight sodium chloride with no additives, minerals, caking agents or iodine.
3) Water temperature is high; using the Mini for water temperature above 110°F is not recommended

“HI” / RED LED Light blinking

1) Salt level is too high. You will have to dilute your spa water with fresh water until the salt level is between 2000 to 3000ppm.
2) The Total Dissolved Solid levels are too high. Check your TDS levels and adjust accordingly.
3) Water temperature too high. Stop using Mini until the water cools down.
4) There is a short circuit in chlorinator cell and need to check the cell blades for calcium build up or something caught in between the blades.

 “8 8” blinking / All LED lights blinking

Power supply failure; unplug and plug in the power cord to reset the power supply. If the problem persists, need to replace the power supply.

Chlorine level is low/zero

Put the cell in a smaller container of salty spa water and check the free chlorine level after. If there is chlorine something is causing demand in the water for chlorine.
Check the water chemistry. Here are the optimal chemistry levels:
Salt – 3500ppm to 4500ppm
pH – 7.2 -7.6ppm
Alkalinity 80 -120ppm
Cyanuric Acid 50-80ppm (if not using a spa cover)
Phosphates 0ppm
Nitrates 0ppm
Calcium Hardness 250 – 300ppm
TDS less than 1500ppm (after subtracting salt level)
Adjust the hours setting to running more extended hours.
When starting up the Mini with fresh new water, shock the water first to have a residual of free chlorine.

Chlorine level is too high

Adjust the hours setting to reduce the run time.



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