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Saltron Mini Power Supply


The Saltron Mini has two arrow buttons, three LED notification lights and one display area.  The two up and down arrow buttons are used to adjust the hours of run time.  The three LED lights are salt level indicators.  If your salt ppm is at the recommended level of 2000ppm-2500ppm you should see the middle normal salt level light lit.  If your ppm is too high you will see the High Salt LED lit. Salt content can only be reduced through dilution. If you see the Low Salt LED lit there could be three reasons. First, your salt really is low and you need to add more salt. Second, there is calcium build up on your cell and it needs to be cleaned.  You can do this by soaking the cell in white vinegar or a 50/50 acid/water mix and spraying it off with a hose after the calcium build up is soft.  Third, your cell is nearing the end of its life.  The Saltron Mini is able to determine how much salt is in your pool by measuring the amount of electrical current passing through the cell.  As the coating on the cell wears down the electrical current is reduced causing the low salt light to turn on.

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