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Dead Sea Minerals and The Saltron Mini


Dead Sea Salt/Minerals are very popular with spas for the mineral benefits they provide.  While they are fine to use with the Saltron Mini, the minerals change the conductive properties of the water.  Why does this matter?  The Saltron Mini gauges the amount of salt in the water by the current passing through the cell assuming only salt is in the water.  The Dead Sea Minerals raise the conductive properties of the water allowing a higher current to pass through the cell.  This causes the Saltron Mini to think there is more salt in the water than there really is and it will light up the “High Salt” LED.  This causes a lot of Saltron Mini owners to think their salt is too high when really their salt is too low or good.  Always use the Salt PPM test strips to verify the amount of salt in your water.  Even if the “High Salt” LED is lit, as long as you have 2000-2500ppm of salt in your water your Saltron Mini will function without any problems, even with the “High Salt” LED lit.     

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