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Salting The Pool


Adding the correct amount of salt to your pool is very important to the correct operation of your new Saltron Retro.  The best way to figure out how much salt you need is to use a calculator.  There is a great tool available at  You only need to know two pieces of information about your pool to determine how much salt to add.  You will need to know how many gallons your pool is and how many ppm’s of salt you need (3000 in our case).  Just plug that information into the calculator and it will tell you how many pounds of salt you will need for your pool.  Add the salt to your pool by opening the bag, usually sold in 40lb bags, and spreading it around the pool as evenly as possible and brushing any areas that build up for a faster dissolve.  After 24 hours the salt should be fully dissolved into the water and you are ready to start your new Saltron Retro. 

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