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The Superior 2 in 1 Digital Salt Meter


The SaltDip is the easiest to use and most reliable salt meter. The SaltDip measures the salt ppm and the temperature (either °F/°C) of your water. Unlike other dedicated salt meters, the SaltDip uses a particular high-end probe that never needs recalibration. The built-in sample cup makes gathering and testing your water sample easy and convenient. The SaltDip only requires the use of two triple-A batteries for operation so you never have to deal with the special watch batteries that can be hard to find and even harder to install. SaltDip is the superior choice for both the professional pool tech and the DIY homeowner.


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    Walter LaRaus

    After using my first SaltDip for nearly 5 years I dropped it and needed to replace it. My original SaltDip was spot on with the water testing I did with my pool store. I now have my second replacement SaltDip and find that both the first and second replacements are between 300 and 600 ppm off when checking against my pool store. My chlorine generator is working in the green and is generating chlorine but my SaltDip readings are off on both replacements. Can the unit be recalibrated? Or do I need to return this second unit as well?

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