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MINI Start up


Congratulations you’re now a Saltron MINI owner. There are a few things you should know prior to starting your MINI. Knowing these will assisting in the startup on your MINI and implementing its operation. 

First start with, how big is your spa? Knowing the gallons of water your spa holds is important as this will assist in the determination of the amount of salt that is needed to run the Saltron MINI at a proper level of 2000ppm.

Next you will want to confirm that your spa water is in balance prior to starting your Mini. You should have 2 – 4ppm of free chlorine. We suggest prior to placing the Mini in the spa that you shock the spa. Why? This will provide you with the residual of chlorine that you need as well as clean the water of any pre-existing contaminants that may already be residing in the water.

Once you know the size of your spa you can calculate the amount of salt needed by using a tool at . You will enter the size of your spa at the top of the tool where it asks for “Pool Gallons”; enter your “Current Salt” level in the field marked as indicated and enter 2000 in the “Desired Salt” field and press Calculate. It will then provide you with the correct amount of salt needed for your spa. For example: If you have a 450 gallon spa and your “Desired Salt” is 2000ppm of salt you will need to add 8 lbs of salt.

Once you’ve added the salt you will need to wait 24 hours for it to dissolve prior to placing the MINI in the spa. During this time you should ensure that your residual chlorine is at the proper level of 2-4ppm. Without the residual chlorine in place you may not show any free chlorine when you test your water.

The MINI will start is run cycle based on the time you plug it in and then for the number of hours you program in the power supply (preset for 5 hours). For example you plug it in at 9AM and program 6 hours. It will run every day at 9AM until 3PM; unless you unplug it or adjust the hours.

The number of hours you will need to run your Saltron MINI will need to be determined by you over a time period. It varies by individual usage and spa size. So for the first few weeks you will need to test your water and adjust the time as needed to ensure a proper run time. 

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