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SafeDip – Calibration Procedure


Calibrate the SafeDip once a month. To calibrate the unit need to use a buffer solution. This solution is easily made using the buffer packets provided with the original purchase. The buffer solution ensures the accuracy of the Safedip digital reader.

Note: Before conducting the calibration, make sure the pH probe has not dried out. If the pH probe has dried out, you will need to soak all the probes in a cup with 2 inches of tap water for 24 hours. Make sure all the probes are fully submerged in water, and no visible air bubbles are present inside or around the probes.

To create a buffer solution, follow these steps:

Empty entire contents of 1 buffer packet into a cup with 8 oz tap water.
Stir the solution using a spoon for 20 seconds or until powder is completely dissolved.

**Note additional pH buffer solution can be stored in an air-conditioned area for usage for approximately three months***


Should you need to order additional pH buffer packets, you may do so at:


To calibrate, follow these steps:

1) Turn ON the SafeDip
2) Immerse the probes entirely into the cup with the buffer solution.
3) Gently swirl the probes to remove possible gas bubbles on the probe tip
4) With the probe in the solution, press and hold the CAL button for more than 3 seconds and the 7.0 value will be displayed.
5) Release the button, and the 7.0 value will blink. Press the CAL button again, and an hourglass will then be displayed until calibration finishes.
6) After the calibration completes, a check mark will display along with the calibration value of 7.0. While the 7.0 value is blinking, press power button any time to abort.


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