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Shock your pool on start-up


Whether you starting with a brand new, (fresh water), pool or moving from a chlorine based pool. It is important to understand the need to have your pool’s water chemistry in balance prior to starting your new Retro.

Existing pools may have preexisting contaminants in the water. Even when starting fresh water there are contaminants in the water.

 I recommend shocking the water with some chlorine based shock with stabilizer when first starting your Retro. Shocking will give you two benefits to your start up, first, it will kill all the contaminates in the water allowing you to start building a free chlorine residual, second, it will leave a residual of chlorine free chlorine. There may also be some other problems with your water chemistry such as your pH or alkalinity may be out of balance causing your chlorine to oxidize off too quickly.

It is very important that when the Retro is first placed in the pool that the chemicals in the water are balanced. You want your free chlorine (residual) at 2-4 ppm. This ensures that the Retro is not trying to “repair” the water’s condition upon start-up.

Other times shock treatments would be beneficial:

o   After a party or other period of heavy use

o   When the pool has been neglected

o   When restarting a pool that has not been used for some time (winter closures)

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