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pH-Tek Trouble Shooting Guide


Alarm light is on

Possible Causes:

o   Over dosing-unit has dosed more than one liter in a cycle

o   pH is at a critical level 8.5 or above


o   pH is too high

o   Acid solution is diluted too much. Add more acid to the tank

o   Unit is not wired to the pump correctly. Unit must turn off when the pump turns off to reset the alarm.

 Flashing “RC” on the display

Possible Causes:

o   Problem with the probe


o   Probe needs calibration

o   Probe needs to be cleaned

o   Probe needs to be replaced

pH Rising

Possible Causes:

o   Alkalinity is out of balance

o   Probe needs calibration/cleaning


o   Alkalinity should be between a range of 80-120 ppm. If alkalinity is out of range pH will drift very quickly. Use baking soda to adjust alkalinity.

o   Clean/calibrate probe

 Probe is popping out of probe holder

Possible Causes:

o   Probe holder top not tightened down fully

o   Missing spacer or o’ring inside probe holder


o   Tighten probe holder top

o   Check spacer/o’ring order

    • Should be “spacer; o’ring; spacer; o’ring; spacer

 Pump not turning

Possible causes:

o   Roller heads worn down

o   Roller shaft is worn down

o   Controller is malfunctioning


o   Replace roller head

o   Replace controller


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