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Understanding the Saltron Retro Warning Lights


There are multiple warning LED warning lights on the power supply of the RETRO to assist you in the trouble shooting of you pool. Here are the most common warnings you may see; their causes and possible solutions.

No Display / No LED lights

  • Power outage; make sure there is power to unit
  • Check to see if fuse in the power supply is burnt out
  • Power supply failure; call customer service

“- -“ / No LED lights

  • RETRO is in rest mode; no action needed. If you want it to operate immediately, unplug/plug the power or adjust the timer. Both will start the operation right away

 “- - “& hours alternating / No LED lights

  • Chlorinator cell is outside water; put it back in water
  • Open circuit in chlorinator cell; check the wire connections and make sure no cut or broken wires
  • Your salt may be very low

 “LO” & hours alternating / Yellow LED light

  • Salt level low; add more salt to pool and allow time for it to dissolve
  • Water temperature low; don’t use RETRO if the water temperature is under 65°F (or15°C)
  • Chlorinator cell at its life end; call customer service for replacement

Hours & Green LED light

  • Normal operation mode; no action is needed

“HI” & hours alternating / Red LED light

  • Salt level high; no action is needed. Stop adding salt to water if you are doing so.
  • Water temperature is high; using RETRO for water temperature above 100°F (or 45°C) is not recommended

“HI” / RED LED Light blinking

  • Salt level is too high; you will have to dilute your pool water with fresh water until the salt level is less than 3500ppm
  • Water temperature too high; stop using RETRO until water cools down
  • Short circuit in chlorinator cell; check to make sure there are no metal objects caught in between electrode plates

 “8 8” blinking / All LED lights blinking

  • Power supply failure; unplug and plug in the power cord to reset the power supply. If the problem persists, call customer service.
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