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Troubleshooting the Nuvo


The Nuvo comes with a one year warranty for the bulb and transformer and three years for the PVC Housing. If the quartz sleeve breaks, it is not covered under warranty, nor the parts if the quartz sleeve is damaged. To file a claim for the Nuvo must go to Once the application is submitted, it will email you the RMA claim number and the address to send back for testing. Here are some steps to troubleshoot the Nuvo.

The power is not coming on

1) First, check to make sure the lamp is not coming on. It is best to turn it on at night, and you can see the blue quartz cap light up.
2) Check the connections to the transformer - is everything connected correctly. Also, make sure the transformer is connected to the right voltage. (3000 is 220V, and 1500 is 110V)
3) Did the lamp burn out? Check the end of the lamp. Is the end of the lamp look burnt out? Did the lamp come to the end of its life, it has a 13,000 hour run time. - If so need to replace the lamp.
4) Is there water damage to the transformer? The transformer should not be where it could get water damage. - If so need to replace the transformer.

The quartz sleeve broke

1) The quartz sleeve is very fragile, the chamber should not be dropped or smashed. If the quartz sleeve gets cracked, will need to replace the quartz sleeve and possibly the lamp.


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