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Should I use a Chlorine Generator?

I'm looking into switching to a saltwater pool and would like to know the pro's and cons.

Chris Siegel

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Chlorine generators are a great addition to any pool. With a chlorine generator you no longer need to purchase, transport or store chlorine as the chlorine gets produced right in your pool where you need it. The salt water is also great for your skin and leaves it feeling silky smooth after swimming. Maintaining your chemical levels is also easier because you can control how much chlorine you produce avoiding dumping bags of chlorine in the pool spiking your chlorine levels before getting to your target range.

The Saltron Retro is a great solution for both above ground and in ground pools. With an automatic start timer, no plumbing required installation and a digital display to adjust chlorine production the Saltron Retro has it all and cost hundreds less that other chlorine generators.

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